Privacy Policy



Silicon Luxembourg platform proposes a platform giving to users access to news, job portal and related services (hereafter the “Platform”) developed by Silicon Luxembourg (hereafter “Silicon Luxembourg”).


The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform, in a transparent and comprehensible manner (which can be consulted at any time), about the precautions taken by Silicon Luxembourg as well as the collection and use of the personal data transmitted by each user in the context of the use of the Platform (hereinafter the "Privacy Policy").


This Privacy Policy is also intended to help each user of the Platform to decide whether and how he or she wishes to use the Platform and the services offered by Silicon Luxembourg to its users.


1. Conditions and process of private data collection by Silicon Luxembourg


The personal data of each user of the Platform may be collected under two different ways:

1) directly by Silicon Luxembourg; or

2) indirectly by one or more of the Silicon Luxembourg's professional partners.


  • Direct collection by Silicon Luxembourg


Collection of the personal data submitted by each user when creating their profile on the Platform in order to benefit from Silicon Luxembourg job portal services. The personal information collected from each user is as follows:

- The name;

- The first name;

- The password;

- The mobile number;

- E-mail address;

- The date of birth;

- Location information; and

- IP address.


When creating the Silicon Luxembourg profile via a Facebook or Google feature (such as Single Sign On), it is important to note that the profile picture of the user concerned available on Facebook or Google will be collected on your profile as well.


Silicon Luxembourg also stores the content of the electronic conversation (via email or via the Platform) between Silicon Luxembourg and users of the Silicon Luxembourg services.


Silicon Luxembourg collects information about the IP address used by the user, as well as the type of device used (smartphone, tablet or computer) when interacting with the Platform or the website.


It is important that all personal information about each user that the user shares with Silicon Luxembourg when creating a profile on the Platform or when using the Silicon Luxembourg website is truthful and accurate.


  • In the case of indirect collection


By contacting one of the other Platform users directly without using Silicon Luxembourg, by telephone, e-mail or on site, each of the user using the Platform will record, to the maximum extent possible, the personal information it deems necessary in the context of its direct assistance/exchange to the user contacting it.


In this second case, the data collected directly by the other user registered Silicon Luxembourg are their sole responsibility. If one of the users wishes to have them deleted, they must contact the user in question directly.


2. The reason for collecting private data by Silicon Luxembourg


For the Silicon Luxembourg team, security and the way in which each user's personal information is handled is important and sensitive. The information collected by Silicon Luxembourg will not be sold to any outside party under any circumstances. The data collected from users will primarily be visible to third parties who are also direct user of the Platform or direct relationship with Silicon Luxembourg, namely, business users receiving job application from individual user of the Platform.


Silicon Luxembourg will also disclose users' personal information in the following situations:

- To comply with a legal requirement;

- Silicon Luxembourg's obligation to perform or enforce the GTC or other contractual obligations;

- To protect the rights, property, or safety of partners using the Platform.

The collection of these personal information by Silicon Luxembourg will not guarantee the users concerned a better user experience, but is essential to the proper functioning of the Platform and its services, by collecting :

- Users' e-mail addresses to receive e-mails when ordering products or making products available to other users ;

- The telephone number of users for receiving a text message when ordering products or making products available to other users.


3. Place of storage of the private data by SILICON


The data collected by Silicon Luxembourg is stored in the European Economic Area on secured servers made available by an external service provider:


Euro DNS

2 rue Léon Laval

L-3372 Leudelange



4. Conditions of access to personal information collected by Silicon Luxembourg


Access to personal information collected by Silicon Luxembourg when users register on the Platform.  Each of the registered users has the possibility to modify the surname, first name, date of birth in their Silicon Luxembourg profile.

To change his or her phone number, the user can follow the instructions of the "number switch" feature.      

To change his e-mail address, or for any other question relating to your personal information, you can contact us by e-mail by sending a message to The Silicon Luxembourg team undertakes to respond to any user's request as soon as possible.


5. Conditions of access to personal information collected by Silicon Luxembourg


Silicon Luxembourg takes all measures reasonably required by law(s) to ensure the secure processing of personal information of Platform users in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

To this end, the Silicon Luxembourg team implements, maintains and reviews all security measures according to currently available technologies.

In addition, Silicon Luxembourg's employees and contractors providing information systems services are required to respect the confidentiality of personal information held by Silicon Luxembourg.

However, Silicon Luxembourg shall not be held liable for events resulting from unauthorized access to personal information collected from users of the Platform, in the event of irreverent behavior on the part of the user concerned.


6. Silicon Luxembourg’s Cookies policy


A cookie is a simple file in the form of text, stored on the hard disk of an Internet user's computer at the request of the server administering the website visited. A cookie contains information on the navigation carried out on the pages of this site by the internet user. The original idea is to facilitate the subsequent use of the site by the same person. In other words, a cookie is used to record the preferences chosen by a user when visiting the Silicon Luxembourg site.

The Silicon Luxembourg website uses this standard technology to collect information on how the site is used by each user.

The information gathered by web server cookies includes, among other things, the date and time of visits, the pages viewed, the time spent on the Silicon Luxembourg website and the websites visited before and just after our website.

However, it is important to note that the cookies used by Silicon Luxembourg do not allow the collection of private data.

For Silicon Luxembourg, cookies are important because they will allow us to differentiate between users when they visit the Silicon Luxembourg site. The purpose of cookies is to know how the Silicon Luxembourg website is used in order to continuously improve these features to ensure an optimal experience for each user.

Many browsers allow each user to remove cookies and/or block the installation of new cookies.

The deactivation of cookies may limit the possibilities of using the Silicon Luxembourg website and/or delay or affect the way it functions when the user logs on.