08 Jul, 2024

Platform Engineer (m/f)

  • Next Gate Tech
  • Hybrid
Full time (permanent contract) Programming / IT

Job Description

About Next Gate Tech

At Next Gate Tech, we create technologies that reshape the landscape of the fund industry operations. 
We empower our clients by capturing the full potential of harmonized data to drive intelligent and fully automated operations. Our transformative solutions optimize processes, enhance efficiency, reduce risks, and drive cost savings for our clients.

Driven by our commitment to innovation, our intelligence layer extracts invaluable insights, employs advanced pattern analysis spotting anomalies, and uncovers hidden links within the data. 

Our modular, one-stop-shop, SaaS platform seamlessly ingests diverse datasets, creating a harmonized and enriched source of portfolios, transactions, and accounting data. This robust foundation fuels the platform to generate powerful signals through intelligent analytics, empowering a multitude of use cases.

Next Gate Tech is not just a part of the industry's evolution - it is a driving force behind it.

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About You

Moving at our pace involves significant change, complexity, and ambiguity. Before you apply, consider if you:

  • Are passionate about driving innovation and finding creative solutions to complex problems.
  • Take initiative in articulating complex concepts in a clear, concise manner
  • Demonstrate a high commitment to making an impact, adding value, and embracing continuous learning
  • Embrace continuous learning and care deeply about your role in transforming technology


Develop Internal Developer Tools and Drive the Platform Engineering Mindset
  • Design and develop reusable components, SDKs, and developer tools to abstract complex concepts and enable other engineers to build efficiently with self-service capabilities
  • Build and shape easily extendable cloud infrastructure
  • Drive shared ownership among engineers on DevOps, Cloud Ops and Internal Development Platform concepts, and actively contribute to knowledge sharing within the team
  • Collaborate with other engineers, stakeholders, and operations teams to understand business and internal engineering needs and provide technical solutions
  • Conduct technological watch and promote the adoption of best practices and tools related to Platform Engineering
Increase and Drive our Product Development Delivery Velocity
  • Optimise our application lifecycle procedures with scalable CI/CD pipelines
  • Automate the configuration, deployment, and monitoring of applications and infrastructure using relevant tools
  • Oversee and manage releases, including UAT testing, while closely collaborating with both engineers and product managers
Contribute to Enhancing Service Reliability and Quality
  • In collaboration with engineers, enable the integration of efficient and reliable testing tools and frameworks in our application lifecycle processes
  • In collaboration with the SRE, integrate continuous monitoring and safeguards to ensure application availability, reliability, scalability, quality, and consistency
  • In collaboration with the Information Security Manager, Implement security controls, vulnerability assessments and ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations
Drive the success of our Cloud Operations
  • Contribute to or automate the deployment and management of cloud-based applications and resources, including VM’s, containers, integration services, serverless solutions and (managed) databases
  • Manage and provision cloud infrastructure with Terraform, including networking, access controls, VPCs, cloud projects, sandbox environments and more

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline
  • Proven experience in a similar or related role to Platform Engineering, DevOps Engineering, or Cloud Engineering
  • Strong understanding of DevOps best practices and familiarity with automation tools (Cloud Build, GitHub Actions …) and frameworks, including CI/CD pipelines, IaaS
  • Experience with cloud platforms is a must
  • Experience with infrastructure-as-code concepts (Terraform, Ansible, etc.) is essential.
  • Familiarity with Internal Developer Platforms and designing and building toolchains and workflows that enable self-service capabilities
  • Knowledge around container image building or container orchestration.
  • Familiarity with Python is beneficial
  • Strong understanding of software development processes, agile methodologies, and security best practices
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to document and share knowledge effectively
About The Role

As a Platform Engineer at Next Gate Tech, you will take on a pivotal role in shaping and leading our software delivery platform as an engineering product. 

Your mission is to drive and adopt Platform Engineering practices in order to increase product development delivery velocity, improve service reliability and quality, and build shared ownership among engineers.

Working alongside our business facing and engineering teams, this includes building easily extendable and scalable architecture, enabling self-service capabilities, optimizing our application lifecycle procedures (CI/CD), managing and provisioning cloud infrastructure, and developing and maintaining robust abstractions of our internal developer tools and SDKs.

At Next Gate Tech, we consider the platform as the critical backbone for product engineers to efficiently and robustly ship business-facing functionalities. Products are built on top of platforms, which platforms enable product teams to move faster. 

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  • 26 vacation days + 1 birthday day + 1 duvet day, so you can truly recharge and enjoy life
  • Comprehensive health and dental care coverage
  • Central location for both offices with a fully stocked kitchen, including healthy snacks, and fresh fruit
  • Freedom to create your own entrepreneurial experience by being part of a team in search of excellence
  • Professional Development programs to expand your skills, and maximize your potential on the frontier of financial innovation