06 Dec, 2022

Post-Doctoral Researcher (female/male/all genders)

  • Zortify
  • Luxemburg, Luxembourg
Full time (permanent contract) Programming / IT

Job Description


For our highly collaborative international team, Zortify S.A. is hiring postdoctoral researcher based in Luxembourg to work on explainable AI (xAI) for natural language processing (NLP) technologies. In this role, you will work together with the project leads and a group of PhD students to advance NLP technologies for European contexts and to make them more transparent for expert and non-expert audiences alike.

What will keep you challenged:

  • You will develop new tools and frameworks to interpret predictions made by Zortify's machine learning models
  • You will design data visualizations to support expert and non-expert comprehension of decision-making systems
  • You will articulate research findings through publications and conference presentations
  • You will support research projects for PhD candidates working in explainable and usable AI
  • You will work closely with a highly diverse and international team to improve current and develop new explainable NLP solutions

What will help you succeed?

  • PhD in computer science, psychology (e.g., human-computer interaction), or related field
  • Expertise in AI modeling and explainable AI concepts, with emphasis on neural networks
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Python and/or JavaScript
  • Fluency in English
  • Familiarity with D3js, processing, and/or related data visualization libraries is a plus
  • Familiarity with user experience (UX) design concepts is a plus

And most important:

  • if you describe yourself as open-minded, non-judgmental, international, optimistic, creative, empathic, passionate, and supportive. ☺