01 Dec, 2021

Frontend or Full Stack Developer (CTO) (m/f)

  • Ceasy
  • Luxembourg
Full time (permanent contract) Programming / IT

Job Description

TL;DR: Full-time position. Tech Stack mainly JavaScript with VueJS, Tailwind CSS, MongoDB, Docker, Microservices, Cloud, etc ..., salary to be discussed, stock options in a joyful company where you matter and where you will have a huge impact on its future.

🤩  Working at Ceasy

  • Ceasy is a calendar and availability sharing app. 
  • Our ambition is to create a social network of time, where everyone can share their calendars and availability with others (clients, family, friends, clubs, colleagues, babysitters,  or anyone else...)
  • We want our users to be able to organise their time more efficiently & easily with their important relationships.
  • Helping each other grow and get better within the company is our core culture.
  • As a startup we encourage you to take part in our journey! If we succeed later as a team, we will certainly reward you!
  • We also use the latest tech stacks available in the market, as our CEO is also a passionate software developer!

🔧  The position

  • You’ll be our CTO and responsible for the technical lead of the code base.
  • You’ll work closely together with the CEO, who has also been a software developer for many years.
  • Over the next few years, we’ll build a team around you.

👉 About you

  • You love to code ? Perfect! Ambition is more important than knowledge! 💪
  • Ideally you bring both, so you can start immediately with a higher salary.
  • Perfect would be that your knowledge goes way beyond VueJS or React. For example if you know how to create a scalable microservice based cloud deployable SaaS product for millions of users would make our eyes smile! 🤩
  • If you bring less knowledge, but a lot of ambition, we will start with a lower salary and reward you at a later stage.

💰 Our offer

  • Salary depending on your knowledge level.
  • Stock options in the company are possible. You should be ambitious and feel rewarded! Only as a team can we be successful!
  • Full time contract.

🎁  Our benefits

  • Do you need extra days of leave in addition to the statutory ones? Depending on your current workload, we can give you extra days.
  • Do you sleep long or wake up early? Don’t worry! We’ll have flexible working hours and use meetings only when needed.
  • Remote-first approach: Our future team will be hired CET +- 3 hours.
  • Perfect setup: Whether you like Mac/Linux/Windows, you are free to choose. We also use the latest tech stacks and are open to discover new technologies.
  • Huge impact: As one of the first employees you’ll help to make the difference and form our company and culture.
  • Trust & autonomy: We’ll trust you and give you a lot of responsibilities and autonomy.

👨‍💻  Our process

  1. Get to know each other. Let's discover your and our expectations. What do you value ? How do you want to progress within the company ?
  2. Technical assessment. We'll check some projects and or code you have written so far.
  3. Reference checks. You have worked previously with other colleagues and they would recommend you ? Please (however not required) introduce us to them, so we can have a quick chat!
  4. Final conversation. You will receive the final decision and an offer in a positive case.

✍️  How to apply

Apply with your LinkedIn or CV to jobs@ceasy.company. Also feel free to answer us some of the questions below:

  • What can we improve about our website and or our product ?
  • What excites you to join us ?