No Big Deal

Turn the world into a virtual playground!

No Big Deal at a Glance

How many steps would you take for a free beer? We are No Big Deal, the startup bringing Luxembourg and Belgium, and soon the rest of the world, a mobile platform where brands create wellbeing challenges for users to earn exclusive promotions (e.g. take 20k steps to achieve a free beer, or special access to a gym, or a discount at a retail store – look it up on the app stores and check it out!).

This is only the beginning; we are growing fast and looking for someone with the right ambition, drive, and technical expertise to shape and bring the following vision to life: Create a wellbeing rewards app that turns the world into a playground and makes millions of users feel good. We are now looking to scale and enhance the core functionalities with the latest technologies (AR, ML, Geofencing, …), which is where we need you.