Civil Maps

Civil Maps, a provider of HD mapping technology for fully autonomous vehicles, has raised $17 million from leading investors such as Arm, Ford Motor Company, StartX Stanford, Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang’s AME Cloud Ventures.

Our mission is to enable machines to safely and efficiently navigate the world. We are a leader in creating scalable HD Semantic Maps and location-aware products using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Full time (permanent contract)
Civil Maps Luxembourg
Minimum Qualifications: Masters degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related programs. 3D computer vision: structure from motion (SfM), stereo vision, visual SLAM, Visual (Inertial) Odometry Machine learning, esp. deep learning, applied to visual recognition or understanding, e.g. object recognition and localization, semantic segmentation, scene understanding, etc. Large-scale content-based image or video retrieval. Prior experience in pose estimation, probabilistic filtering, and/or nonlinear optimization Strong publication record and/or proven track record of delivering solid technologies or products in above areas is a large plus. Solid knowledge in fundamental algorithms and data structures. Programming proficiency in C++ Comfortable building in undefined and dynamic environments Preferred Qualifications: One or more of the following...