Roundtable is aiming to revolutionize private asset management by building a social platform to democratize investments in alternative assets in Europe (start-ups, private equity, art, crypto-assets, etc.).

Our vision is that alternative asset classes will grow fast in the coming years, as the returns of more traditional investments (real estate, stock markets, etc.) are decreasing, inflation is growing, and tech makes it easier than ever to democratize this type of investments outside of the Ultra High Net Worth sphere.

As a first step, Roundtable has been building the go-to platform for everything related to angel investing in startups.

Roundtable now empowers angel investors to invite their network to co-invest alongside them, automating all the regulatory and process flows under the hood.

We have sold more than 80 deals, worth more than 40M€ and have onboarded more than 1k deals.

We are now enabling them to easily start small VC funds to share their deal flow even more easily.

Further down the line, we will open other asset classes (such as Private Equity) and aim to become the one-stop shop for non-professional investors for all alternative asset investments.