athena studio

athena studio envisions a fashion industry where design meets data. That’s why we’ve built machine learning algorithms that predict the profitability and ecological impact of your designs from the get-go. Imagine a world where each product's margin and footprint are not just afterthoughts but are optimised for from inception. No more guesswork.

Our platform forecasts the financial and environmental performance of each sample and generates actionable recommendations, empowering product teams to design towards their targets. We use machine learning models to solve for early-stage data gaps and ensure a streamlined, fully automated journey. athena studio is a mobile-friendly assistant that brings vital product information to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere – from sample reviews to supplier talks.

Traditional fashion product development goes hand in hand with missed margin uplifts, product footprints that are higher than they should be, and substantial manual work after development. We have seen how costly this is to brands’ profitability and to our planet, and we are determined to solve this.