• 24-28 Rue Goethe, Luxembourg

Created in 2019 in Luxembourg, Space Time is a fast-growing start-up which develops breakthrough digital solutions for the real estate sector as any sector looking for breakthrough business intelligence unravelling new understanding of their physical playfield.

At the genesis of Space Time is Shahriar Agaajani, a scientific and entrepreneur envisioning new ways to bring the full benefits from digitalization to the construction industry. Space Time has been set-up has a company targeting solutions for real estate developers hoping for a quantum leap on their projects outcome.


We develop technologies aimed at capturing, securing, analyzing & sharing data about the reality of construction projects (actual construction vs planned construction), and the environment in general.


Space Time provides its clients with:

  • Digital twins of their properties under progress where they can evolve remotely in 4 dimensions within space and time
  • Big data intelligence and automated analysis bringing key insights for value-added decision making
  • Reporting tools facilitating communication and interactions between all stakeholders of a project.

We are a strong team of more than 15 committed professionals mixing energies from the best of the Z generation with experience of seasoned professionals showing a strong-track record of value-creation in many companies.

Our vision is to contribute to faster, better and greener standards for the construction, an industry lying strategically at the cross-roads of the demographical and environmental challenges of our time.

A strong capital base and a solid turnover enable us to self-finance our growth and realize our ambition without compromise to our vision.