Since the founding of a_BAHN in 2013, we've been working on developing the art of hybridization; trying to be at the intersection of forms and genres, which breaks free from established norms.

a_BAHN has a unique experience in original out-of-the-box and hybrid contents. The company is fully dedicated to supporting the creation of content that is both artistic and accurate, to bringing together the traditional worlds of film and television with new media, immersive and virtual worlds, and also to developing challenging narratives with high artistic value and an international audience.

a_BAHN also wishes to put the international recognition of the company, as well as the skills of its teams, at the service of the development of its activity in the Greater Rhine Basin region (Luxembourg, Grand Est France, Baden Württemberg Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands), and thus mark its desire to strengthen cross-border cooperation and co-productions in a territory dear to the heart of the company's founders.