We love to be at the beginning of beautiful stories.

Connecting passionate tech talent with inspiring companies is one of those stories because to us, the future lies in the hand of innovative minds who use technology to improve everyone's lives. With everything we do, we aim to contribute to this cause.

IT recruitment today is not in line with this vision. It's inefficient, frustrating, and limits many opportunities to accelerate development to a better future.

Having been close to this industry for many years, we chose to do something about it and created – a job marketplace connecting tech candidates directly with CTOs and Tech Leads to enable a more efficient recruitment process.

For Candidates this means no middleman – receive job offers by CTOs and Tech Leads. Start with a technical interview, so you know immediately if the job is for you.

For employers it means quality and speed – hire our prescreened candidates in no more than 2 weeks. Pay only when you hire successfully.

More specifically we aim to challenge the status quo of the recruiting industry, by applying a “Magic Tripartite Model”, which from the very beginning, includes the Tech Team, the HR Team, and the candidate in the process. When peers (CTOs, Tech leads) at the hiring company are part of the first touchpoints of a candidate, the discussion starts with the inspiring part: what the candidate is going to create, how he/she is going to master the challenge, and why he/she will succeed.

This enables HR Officers to drive the hiring process and to focus on essential tasks as cultural fit and salary package negotiations.

The result is a faster hiring process and sustainable collaboration.