Salonkee SA

Salonkee is a leading European software company providing the hair and beauty industry with high-end digital solutions, such as calendar, client data base, online bookings, point of sale, online - and terminal payments and much more.

Launched in 2017 in Luxembourg, 2019 in Belgium and 2020 in Switzerland, 2021 in Germany and the Netherlands, Salonkee has quickly become an indispensable partner for all of its professional customers.

Today, we offer leading solutions in two areas:

  • To our clients in the hair and beauty sector: a digital salon management tool to better organize their appointments, customer database, inventory and accounting.
  • to our clients' customers: an online platform to find, rate and book their next hair and beauty appointment online

Salonkee was created by a team of five entrepreneurs who like to make life easier for their customers. Today we are a team of 30 people who share a joy of work and ambitious goals. We are constantly looking for great talent to join our company. If any of the below positions interests you, don't hesitate to get in touch.